Head-On Chicago Car Accident Kills One and Injures Three

A fatal Chicago area car crash this week took the life of woman in her 20s and left three others in very critical condition.

As reported in My Fox Chicago, the accident occurred near Antioch very early Thursday morning, around 2 am. On a country road outside of town, an SUV collided head-on with a Mitsubishi hatchback. As is virtually always the case in high-speed head-on collisions, the damage was daunting.

The female driver of the hatchback was pronounced dead on the scene and had to be extricated from the car. The driver of the SUV was ejected from the vehicle following the impact, and both of his passengers required emergency personnel assistance to be removed from the wreckage. All three survivors were airlifting to a local hospital where medical professionals continue to work to save their lives.

Experts are still piecing together the cause of the deadly collision. However, they suspect that alcohol and speed are two likely factors. The accident occurred on a curve in the road, where the speed limit lowers to 40 mph. The location of the vehicles and the outcome of the collision makes is a virtually certainty that the accident occurred at speeds well over the legal limit.

Authorities may never know for certain what caused the tragedy of this accident. However what remains clear is that all dangerous speeds on dangerous portions of roadway under the influence of alcohol is a lethal combination. All it takes is one driver willing to risk these conditions to cause a deadly accident like the one here. In fact, the tragedy of many of these accidents is that one party is often driving with perfect care and caution. They just happened to be caught in the crosshairs of a negligent fellow driver.

Nothing can be done to fully fix the damage caused by these vicious car crashes. However, the legal rights of the injured parties can still be respected and honored. That is where our car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti come in. We are committed to helping victims of these accidents receive the compensation possible to best preserve their legal benefits. Please contact our office if you have suffered at the hands of a car accident.

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