Highway Driving While Distracted Can Be Deadly

The Courier News published a story last week that serves as a reminder to all drivers of the need to maintain careful driving at all times, but especially when traveling at high speeds.

The story discusses a traffic death on Interstate 90 last month to emphasize the risks associated with distractions while on or near the highway. The victim had pulled his car over to the highway shoulder in the evening, around 8pm. For reasons that investigators have yet to piece together, the man walked near traffic and was hit by a tandem truck; he was throw to the side of the road. When he was eventually discovered by emergency personnel and rushed to the hospital, it was too late. He died a few hours later.

However, police have still been unable to contact the driver of the big rig that hit the man. They believe that the driver may have been distracted or at least remains unaware that he or she hit anyone on that night.

Police officers are using the case to explain the increased incidents of distracted driving that they have reported recently. Officers in the Chicago area receive around 100 calls per month from people who report seeing drivers who are using text messages while on their phones on the interstate. Nationally, over 200,000 car accidents a year are caused by the practice.

Several states have already banned the practice. However, amazingly, many reports indicate that accidents following the ban may have increased in those states because individuals who attempt to hide their phone while texting while driving cause even more distraction.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti will continue to raise awareness of the issue in an effort to save lives. The injury, death, and destruction of entire families that often result from distracted driving is far too high a risk to take for whatever action causes the distraction. No text message being sent at a certain moment is worth risking the most precious thing that we have-our lives.

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