IDOT Launches Statewide Digital Safety Campaign on Illinois Roadways

According to an online news report by, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has begun making efforts to help reduce roadway fatalities in Illinois this year. Our Chicago car accident lawyers read that starting July 9th, IDOT began a statewide digital message board campaign in conjunction with social media and Internet page presence in order to decrease driver negligence and ultimately decrease the number of fatalities on roadways for the remainder of the year.

The report states that provisional crash data released that 479 fatalities have occurred on Illinois roadways this year, as compared to 418 fatalities during the same time frame last year. An Illinois transportation secretary spoke out concerning this fact, saying, “This inventive campaign is about using the resources at hand to help inform the public, save lives, and prevent crashes from occurring as much as possible. Simply stated, our goal is to drive zero fatalities to reality.”

IDOT has planned to create driver awareness through the use of statewide messaging boards. The agency plans to rotate five key traffic safety messages daily, including “Don’t Drink & Drive,” “Don’t Text & Drive,” “Save a Life, Buckle Up,” “Stay off the Phone in Work Zones” and “Motorcyclists, Gear Up, Drive Safe.” In addition to these messages, the boards will post the daily traffic fatality count to make more of an impact on drivers and to remind them of the severity of motorist negligence.

Our Illinois auto accident lawyers learned that these statewide messaging boards are primarily reserved for emergencies or traffic incident management alerts related to accidents, detours, travel times, lane closures, weather alerts, construction, or maintenance operation information. These specific messages will take precedence over the traffic information campaign, and safety campaign messages will only be posted during times when such emergency alerts are not required. “We want all Illinois motorists to take a role in our fight against impaired and distracted driving, and strongly welcome the efforts of all concerned residents to help create awareness of the need to lower traffic-related fatalities,” stated the Illinois transportation secretary.

After reading the report above, we thought it would be helpful to remind our readers of the steps they can take to avoid serious injury when behind the wheel of a car. Always wear a seatbelt and be sure to obey the speed limit and other traffic laws at all times. Try to avoid driving in bad weather conditions, as many accidents are caused by poor vision and difficulty driving in these conditions. Be sure your car and its accessories are always working properly by routinely checking your tires, brakes, lights, windows, and windshields. Never drive impaired, drink and drive, or get into the car with a drunk driver. Most importantly, always follow the rules of the road. Use your signals properly and keep your eyes moving to remain aware of all other motorists, bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and street signs. Avoid distractions while driving and pull over if you need to talk on the phone, text, or eat. Following these rules will not only help to keep you safe, but will help to prevent accidents and prevent injury to others on the road.

Car accidents can happen in a matter of seconds, but if the appropriate steps are taken, drivers will increase their chances of remaining safe behind the wheel. Our Chicago car accident attorneys are aware of the rise in car accidents throughout Illinois and are willing to assist you if you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries, medical expenses, or property damage as a result of a negligent motorist. To find out if legal recourse may be available to you, contact one of our Illinois personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti. We are prepared to offer you the resources you need to seek legal action.

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