Illinois Car Accident Attorneys Encourage Teens to Make Safe Driving Decisions

Yesterday FoxNews reported about the issues posed surrounding teen driving, such as speeding, distractions (cell phones, music, friends), and driving under the influence. When it comes to teen driving, a lecture from a parent, driving instructor, or teacher is not going to influence teens to the point where they avoid texting and social media while driving, along with paying more attention to road signs and rules of the road. The article discusses a study in which Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) discovered that 68% of all teen drivers have had close call accident encounters.

FoxNews continues by talking about how some automobile companies have been working on different ways to reduce the number of close calls by “teen-proofing” their cars with features that “help parents track the location of the car, warn them when they enter danger zones and even set in-car speed limits”. Some of these new technologies allow parents or guardians to limit the top speed that a vehicle can reach, keep the radio turned off until the driver’s seat belt is unfastened, or control the maximum volume limit for the stereo. Additionally, others have a GPS tracking signal that notifies parents when a teen driver is speeding, driving after curfew, or goes somewhere that has been previously set as out of bounds.

SADD is an organization that strives to give students and teens the tools and knowledge needed to make smart decisions by avoiding underage drinking, drug use and other risky driving practices. This organization works to form a community of young people who help and empower each other to make the right decision.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys support SADD’s mission and encourage car companies to continue making adjustments to their automobiles that will help teens become safe drivers on the road. In addition to monitoring technologies, automobile companies should also look for ways to make their vehicle safer through design. Further, our Chicago accident lawyers support ongoing efforts by states to make texting and other forms of distracted driving illegal.

Dangerous teen driving habits can have devastating effects on fellow drivers, and can potentially result in serious or fatal car accidents. We encourage teachers and parents to continue talking to their children about safe driving techniques, however we also applaud celebrities and organizations such SADD, in their efforts to inspire teens to do the right thing on the road.

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