Illinois Car Accident Caused By Black Ice

An Illinois woman that suffered serious personal injuries in a car accident this past December has filed a lawsuit against the driver of the car who the victim alleges caused the accident. According to The Telegraph, the complaint alleges that the defendant was negligent in that he failed to keep his vehicle in control, failed to stop his car in time to avoid a car accident, failed to keep a proper lookout, and that he crossed the center line. The police reports from the car accident show that the defendant lost control of his car and caused the accident because his car struck black ice and he could not control the vehicle once it struck this very dangerous type of ice. To read more about this car accident and the lawsuit in connection, please click on this link.

Black ice can be even more dangerous that other types of ice because it is more transparent, appearing the color of the ground below it, making it at times impossible for drivers to see. This type of ice occurs when very few air bubbles get trapped inside the ice which is what makes the ice so transparent. This type of ice can be very dangerous on the road to drivers and is also often a danger to pedestrians that may also not notice it while they are walking.

According to the United States Department of Transportation website, icy pavements cause close to 200,000 car crashes yearly and account for 3% of all motor vehicle accidents each year. When the pavement condition is altered, such as when there is ice or black ice, the vehicle performance and driver’s capability to handle the vehicle are both compromised. Because of these problems that occur with ice it is important for drivers to be extremely cautious when driving in icy conditions, preferably choosing not to drive if possible. If you must drive be sure to drive slowly and very cautiously while always paying extra careful attention to the road.

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