Illinois Car Accident Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of a Minor Victim

A car crash lawsuit has been filed by the father of a young car accident victim. The car accident occurred last May, when the minor girl was a passenger in a car in which the complaint alleges the driver had just bought alcohol and had been consuming it prior to the accident. The driver lost control of her car while driving in Fairview Heights, IL and crashed into a tree. The lawsuit alleges that the driver was driving negligently while under the influence of alcohol. According to the St. Clair Record, the lawsuit seeks damages of over $150,000 for the physical and emotional injuries that the young girl suffered, as well as for the loss of her being able to do her usual activities. To read more about this Illinois car accident lawsuit, please click on this link.

According to Illinois DUI laws, the penalties for driving under the influence (with a blood alcohol content of over .08) are very severe, including up to a year in jail for the first offense (one year and a half if someone under 16 is in the vehicle), up to a $2,500 fine (more if someone under 16 is in the vehicle or if the driver’s blood alcohol content is over .16) and a mandatory license suspension of at least a year. The punishments increase exponentially if a person is caught driving under the influence more than one time. Aside from the possible punishments for drunk driving, a person should never drive under the influence of alcohol because not only are they placing themselves in extreme danger but are also putting anyone else on the road in danger in the event of a car crash.

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