Illinois Car Accident Results from Highway Duck Crossing

Our Chicago accident attorneys read a report in the Belleville News Democrat about a six car collision that occurred early Monday morning in Centreville, Illinois and felt it necessary to bring it to our reader’s attention. A group of ducklings crossing Illinois 15 caused one driver to immediately reduce speed – ultimately resulting in the collision of five vehicles behind it. Luckily, only one driver received minor injuries in this Illinois car accident and the rest were left unharmed – including the ducks.

Unfortunately, Illinois car accidents such as this one are extremely common. According to State Farm, 1.2 million animal related accident claims were made in 2008 alone. When a driver faces a road impediment, such as an animal, their first instinct is to swerve to avoid impact. Regrettably, this is one of the worst things you can do – even though a driver’s intention is to avoid the death of an animal. provides useful tips to avoid collision with an animal. The website recommends that if an animal approaches the line of traffic, a driver should never use their horn because unexpected sounds will cause the animal extreme fright. As an alternative, the driver should pause until the animal vacates the road, all the while being mindful of the drivers behind them. In addition, as always a driver should consistently wear a seatbelt to avoid the harmful effects of a personal injury if a collision was to result.

In the unfortunate situation that an animal-related collision does result, recommends that if the wounded animal is still living to avoid approaching it because it could still be very dangerous –especially if it is a large animal. A driver should never move an animal off the road and should always notify the police.

Our Illinois accident attorneys strongly recommend that drivers of all ages take steps to avoid accidents, such as this one, at all costs by educating yourself on the rules of the road and learning what to do when faced with quick decisions. With the summertime quickly approaching and more vehicles on the road, it is important that drivers be mindful that they must be readily aware of all road impediments.

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