Illinois Man Gets Hearing Following Unique Traffic Accident.

CBS 2 Chicago reported yesterday on developments in the legal case stemming from a fatal traffic accident that struck in north-central Missouri involving an Illinois man. The Illinois man, Jeffrey Fleming, has been charged with hitting the back of a horse-drawn buggy, ultimately killing the buggy driver, 29 year-old Eli Borntrager.

The accident occurred in January of this year. Fleming told officials that he did not see the buggy in front of him while driving. When he did become aware of the moving vehicle, he claims to have made failed efforts to avoid hitting it. He denied being distracted by anything at the time. However, records uncovered by investigators following the crash revealed that Fleming sent a pair of text messages just two minutes before the crash. However, the driver still claims that he was not on the phone or texting at the exact moment of the crash that took the life of Bomtrager.

It should go without saying that sending text message while driving constitutes an extreme act of driving negligence. The act requires drivers to take their eyes completely off the road for a considerable length of time. In addition, the mental act determining what to say and how to type it into the phone means that the driver is not using all of his senses to look out for potential obstructions in front of him. Together, the combination is ripe for deadly accidents. They occur much too frequently on our local roadways.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti hope that all local drivers take time to consider the various accidents that occur each day. The tragic incidents should serve as steady reminders of the need for constant vigilance while on the road. With an endless amount of distractions bombarding us all the time-from cell phones to bright billboards-it is imperative that we all make a conscious effort to honor basic vehicle safety: proper speed, elimination of distractions, and careful observation of all road rules. It is only that way that we can stop the deadly car accidents like the one here.

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