Illinois Ranked 31st In Animal-Car Collision Survey

According to an article published Monday by MSNBC, some car companies are coming out with new technology that helps drivers to avoid accidents involving animals on the road. Specifically, Volvo’s new program “City Safety” can stop a car to prevent an accident from occurring, and this program is now being applied to avoid accidents with animals.

Versions of this program use infrared laser sensor technology to sense what is going on in front of the vehicle- this is now being applied to avoid car accidents, hitting pedestrians, and now animals. This announcement comes days after a study by State Farm Insurance was released that revealed there were over one million deer hit in the last year. These accidents can cause significant damage to cars, roads, and people. Volvo is still working on creating this technology, which is difficult to perfect because animals move erratically. Using cameras, lasers, and radar systems, Volvo could lead the way for other automobile makers with this type of technology.

When an animal jumps or runs into the road, it can be a startling and dangerous experience for drivers. Our Illinois car accident attorneys found some helpful tips on what to do when there are animals on the road from State Farm’s website. Most importantly, it is important to stay alert. Drivers should be aware of road signs that signal animal crossings, and be scanning their eyes across and down the road.

Also, some tips that may not be so well known include that fall is peak season for deer related car accidents because of the hunting and mating seasons. This means that deer are more likely to roam than they would be during winter, summer, or spring. Dusk and dawn, when it is especially hard to see, are when deer eat and hunt, which also cause deer to roam more than they normally would. Use your headlights and breaks smartly, and definitely do not swerve if you see an animal in the road, because it can cause more harm to you. Although it may damage your car, it is safer to hit the animal than to swerve to avoid it or brake suddenly. These actions could cause far worse accident to occur.

The Wall Street Journal also reported on the topic of deer collisions, saying that in Illinois the likelihood of a collision between a car and deer is about 1 in every 250. Illinois is ranked 31st in the nation for most collisions with dears. Since Fall is peak season for animal collisions, our Chicago car accident attorneys remind drivers to be more alert and aware about accidents with animals in order to prevent them. Not only can these accidents kill the animal, but they can also cause serious damage to cars and lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

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