Illinois Rear-End Collision Results in Lawsuit

Over the weekend, our Chicago car accident lawyers read about a lawsuit that was posted on The Madison St. Clair Record online. The Illinois car accident occurred in St. Clair County when a woman was driving near an intersection and stopped for traffic. Another woman, who was driving in the same direction, failed to stop for traffic, causing her to rear-end the vehicle in front of her. The plaintiff had apparently suffered from serious injuries, and a “permanent disability”, as well as hefty medical fees. The complaint alleges that the defendant was following too closely, was speeding, and failed to lookout for traffic that has stopped or slowed down in order to avoid a car crash. The plaintiff is seeking over $50,000, not including costs.

We wanted to point out that the majority of rear-end accidents occur at intersections, and when approaching an intersection it is important for drivers to slow down, and be on the look out for any sudden stopping, motorists turning, or pedestrians and bicyclists crossing. We also wanted to point out that in the state of Illinois, the rear-ending motorist is at fault for the rear-end accident.

To avoid a rear-end accident, in addition to slowing down, you should increase the distance between your car and the car in front of you. Giving yourself more space prevents you from following too closely, and gives you more stopping time as well. Should you be involved in a rear-end accident, an Illinois car accident attorney would highly encourage you to call the police, swap insurance information with the other drivers involved, and call paramedics to make sure that everyone is medically sound after the accident.

If you or a loved one was severely injured in a car accident where someone hit your car from behind, and you were not creating a situation where they could not avoid hitting you (such as parking in the middle of fast pace moving traffic), you can seek fair compensation for the harms caused. This can include medical and hospital bills, temporary or permanent loss of wages, and other damages, such as funeral expenses for the loss of a loved one. Filing a lawsuit not only helps victims receive fair compensation and peace of mind, but it also sheds light on the dangers of following too close, speeding, and other driving behaviors that cause rear-end collisions. Please contact one of our Illinois accident attorneys to see how we may be able to help you.

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