Illinois Road Repairs Get Early Start by IDOT

Earlier today, our Chicago accident lawyers read a news report discussing the early start the Illinois Department of Transportation has made on roadway projects due to the early months of warm temperatures. reports that officials at the Illinois Department have greatly benefited from this year’s warm temperatures and have been also to begin work on roadway projects – such as patchwork and filling potholes – much earlier. However, it was reported that larger projects require a later start date due to contractor’s schedules.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys learned that the Illinois Department of Transportation uses the Proposed Highway Improvement Project to manage roadway projects and construction funds to assign projects on a state or local level. The project, a multi-year plan stretching from 2012 to 2017, has a budget of $11.525 billion for the fiscal year 2012-2013. Additional funding has also come at both the state and local level, with expected funds varying from $132 million at the local level to $1.661 billion at the state level and finally $1.311 billion at the federal level.

With all of the received funding, the Illinois Department of Transportation plans to improve a total of 768 highway miles and 248 bridges between the state and local levels during the fiscal year of 2012. Additionally, around 60 safety and traffic control locations will receives repairmen, including modernizing traffic control signals, as well as, fixing or placing traffic signs. In a statement released by the Illinois Department of Transportation’s spokesperson, it was revealed that bridgework and repairing the current state of highways is a top priority that will consume most of the afforded budget. Additional areas the funding will cover includes repairing interstate highway ramps, adding or widening lanes, in addition to, implementing environmentally friendly travel paths.

Although roadway repair and construction often carries the burden of causing traffic delays, any Chicago car accident lawyer will tell you that the benefits of roadway repair outweigh any negatives. According to a study conducted by the Ohio Sierra Club, improving damaged roadways helps improve roadway safety, create jobs, improve the environment, as well as, help decrease traffic congestion. As a result of these improvements, the overall accident rate will decrease – resulting in fewer collisions resulting in severe injury or even premature fatality.

Our accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti are pleased to learn that the Illinois Department of Transportation has implemented such a beneficial program to help repair our busy and congested Illinois roadways and subsequently making our roadways as safer place to travel for all motor vehicles.

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