Illinois Rollover Accident Leaves Five Seriously Injured

Our Chicago accident lawyers read about an article posted by the Chicago Sun-Times that discussed a serious Illinois rollover car crash. A driver lost control of their car and hit several trees and a light pole. There were five people in the car, including three people who were tossed out of the vehicle from the impact of the crash. All five of the passengers were sent to nearby hospitals. Police are still working to further investigate the causes of the serious accident.

Our Illinois car accident lawyers chose to cover this incident to highlight the dangers and causes of rollover. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, “most rollovers occur when a driver loses control of a vehicle, and it begins to slide sideways.” According to the IIHS, over 50% of single-vehicle accident fatalities are related to rollover accidents. Another cause of rollover accidents is other collisions or forceful events between vehicles. When cars collide it can force the vehicles to roll.

Rollovers have the potential to lead to serious injury or even death. Like the accident reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, many rollovers can result in the ejection of passengers from the vehicle. When a passenger is ejected from a vehicle, it increases the risk of injury or death. Although rollover accidents occur in fewer than 3% of all car accidents, those 3% are responsible for over 33% of passenger deaths. SUVs and pickup trucks are more prone to rollover accidents. This is because of the structural differences in these larger cars, compared to smaller cars.

Larger cars are more likely to have a higher center of gravity, and additionally, these types of cars are used to carry many passengers or a lot of cargo which can further increase the center of gravity, making them more likely to roll over than a smaller car that is closer to the ground. Furthermore, SUVs and pickup trucks are driven on country roads where rollovers are more likely because of the uneven ground. The IIHS also reported a study that showed that pickup truck drivers and passengers are less likely to wear seat belts, which makes these passengers at a higher risk for injury or death should they be involved in a rollover accident.

In order to reduce the amount of rollover accidents that occur, automobile manufacturers are working forward to make safer cars. Factors such as the SSF (static stability factor) and ESC (electronic stability controls) are being redesigned and reengineered in order to decrease the center of gravity and help prevent skidding, slipping, and the loss of control. Driving cautiously, especially in slippery winter conditions, can help to prevent these types of accidents.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers encourage our readers to always buckle up, because over 60% of rollover related fatalities were not wearing seatbelts. Should a rollover accident occur, the seat belt could save lives by protecting people from being ejected from their seats. When looking for a car, make sure to buy those that have head-protecting side curtain airbags that can be triggered by sensors when in a rollover accident. Also, the roof of the vehicle, should be strong enough to withstand a rollover accident.

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