Illinois School Bus Accident Injures Eleven

A Hanna City car accident occurred on the morning of March 4th in which three vehicles were involved, including a school bus full of eighteen students ranging in ages. According to PJ Star, eleven people were injured in the car accident that occurred when the school bus was stopped to pick up a student and another car was stopped behind the bus and a third car struck the stopped car from behind, causing that car to strike the bus. Between the three cars there were multiple injuries and the victims were taken to local hospitals for treatments of their personal injuries. To read more about this Illinois bus accident please click on the link.

Luckily, buses are built to stand up to accidents well and are one of the safest vehicles to be riding in at the time an accident occurs. This is likely why only several of the children on the school bus suffered injuries and none of them seemed to be too severe since all children were reported to have been released from the hospitals later that same day. While the statistics show that school bus accidents result in less injuries, there are still safety measures that could be implemented on school buses to further improve safety. According to Web MD, one major improvement would be a mandatory seat belt law for school buses and another very helpful improvement would be compartmentalized seating that would better protect the kids in the event of a bus accident. While school buses are safer than some other vehicles, it is important to always be aware of stopped school buses to avoid accidents. School buses stop frequently so make sure to always be paying attention to the road, and pay extra attention in areas where you know school buses often travel.

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