Illinois Speed Limit Increase Proposition Leads to Questions

Recently a proposal has been made that would allow Illinois drivers, both passenger and truck drivers, to drive up to 70 miles per hour when outside the city limits of Chicago. According to My Suburban Life, this new proposal is very controversial and is being considered on the heels of the recent speed increase that allows truck drivers to drive the same maximum speed on cars in Illinois (65 miles per hour). The reasoning behind the 65 miles per hour law was that many thought that allowing all vehicles to travel the same speed would reduce car accidents by creating a more uniform speed across the board. Since this law is relatively new the statistics have not yet shown whether or not this hope of less car accidents has actually occurred. Proponents of the 70 miles per hour proposal argue that the roads were created to handle this speed and that this was the speed in place before a nationwide reduction in speed back in the 1970s (in an attempt to conserve gas and energy) and that 33 states currently have this increased speed limit in place. Opponents of the new proposal say that this will create a huge safety issue and that allowing this additional speed is inevitably going to lead to more traffic and safety issues. Unfortunately the statistics available do not offer a definitive answer as to whether or not higher speed limits lead to higher car crash rates. To read more about this Illinois speed limit proposal, please click on this link.

The Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti are interested to see what information is revealed either supporting or against this proposal and wants to remind all drivers of the importance of following the posted speed limit whenever driving. In addition to not going too fast it is also important to not drive too slowly, because driving at a drastically different speed than other drivers, whether it be fast or slow, can lead to traffic accidents.

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