Illinois Teen Driver Safety Spokesperson Dies, Leaves Lasting Legacy

Yesterday, The PJStar posted article tribute to a Tremont, IL about a father who, after the tragic death of his daughter, became a spokesperson for safe teen driving habits. The man and his wife presented over 80 times in the past six years, with a cumulative audience of close to 40,000 people. The father recently passed away, but his memory lives on through the work he did to increase teen driver safety awareness in remembrance of his daughter. His daughter, who was 15-years-old when she passed away, was involved in a fatal accident in which she was a passenger. One of her friends, who was a new driver, was speeding at 96 miles per hour, and crashed the car into a tree.

After the tragic accident, the Illinois teenager’s parents decided to make an example of the fatal crash in hopes to prevent other kids from the same type of accident. Her parents wanted to impact the community in a positive way, and their work gained attention throughout Illinois and across the country. In addition to their work with high schools and communities, the young teen’s parents helped push through legislation to create certain requirements for teen drivers, one of which was the Graduated Driver’s License program.

We cannot stress enough the importance of teaching young drivers how to drive safely and making them aware of the potential deadly consequences of reckless driving. As discussed in previous posts, the number one cause of death for American teenagers is car crashes, and the teen age group is the least likely to wear seatbelts. The NHSTA recognizes that through “increasing seat belt use, implementing graduated driver licensing, and reducing teens’ access to alcohol,” we can continue to reduce teen car accidents. This was a mission that the Illinois father worked to achieve.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys encourage our readers to look at sites such as the NHSTA’s Teen Drivers- Parents & Teens page. Sites like these offer safe driving tips, and promote conversations between parents and teens regarding safe driving tools. Some safety rules that the NHTSA believes parents should discuss with teenagers include:

• No drinking while driving • Always remember to wear a seatbelt • Avoid distractions such as cell phones and texting • Abide by a curfew • Follow the one-passenger limit • Participate in the Graduated Driver’s License program
When you review these important issues with your teenagers, our Chicago car crash lawyers believe that your teenager will be more likely to be responsible on the road. Through the Graduated Driver’s Licensing program, teenagers learn the necessary tools they need in stages to be safe drivers. Pairing this program with parent conversations, rules and consequences reinforces the importance of following the rules of the road, making the road safer not only for the teen drivers themselves, but also others on the road.

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