Illinois Woman Dies in Car Accident

WGIL News reported this weekend on a tragic car accident that took the life of a northern Illinois woman.

50 year old Penny McKinney-Green was driving her pickup truck this weekend in the early morning, around 6:30 am. She was traveling east on route 116 with one passenger. An SUV with one passenger was traveling westbound on the same highway. As the two cars were passing each other, the driver of the SUV lost control of the vehicles due to water that was on the road. The SUV slid into the eastbound lane and hit McKinney-Green’s truck head on.

McKinney-Green was rushed to a local hospital when emergency crews arrived. However, she died at the facility shortly after. The driver of the SUV was ultimately ticketed for driving too fast for conditions-he should have known that the roadways were wet and posed a threat.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys send sincere condolences to all those in pain following this tragic crash. Our lawyers have decades of experience working with families following accidents like this that take the life of a family member. In dealing with the grief of these losses, the legal component of the car crash often is not on the minds of family members. That is logical and understandable. However, there is always a point when the legal rights of the victim should be remembered, and that is where our car accident attorneys come in. Expert legal eyes are able to examine the causes of the accident to guide loved ones through the process of vindicating the claim. If you or someone you know may be in that situation, please contact an attorney today.

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