Illinois Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Hit and Run Accident

A wrongful death suit was recently filed in Will County after an unusual turn of events in a hit and run accident. A Naperville family is filling the suit against the driver that killed their 20-year-old daughter in the accident, claiming more than $50,000 in damages. According to The Chicago Tribune, the driver is being charged with “causing personal injury and leaving the scene of an accident causing a death.” The driver is currently being held in a local prison until his upcoming court date.

The driver claims that the now deceased 20-year-old jumped in front of his car, and when he got out to see what happened he found her still alive and in a reparable condition. However, he fled the scene without calling for help. The 20-year-old was leaving a bar when she was hit.

The reason this case particularly interested our Chicago car accident attorneys is because the identity of the driver was unknown for the past three and a half years. The accident took place in 2008, and the driver has remained unidentified and silent until just recently. He showed up on the doorstep of the 20-year-old’s family and confessed everything that had happened 3 and a half years prior.

Interestingly, the grounds on which he is being charged are his own doing in multiple ways. In the traditional sense, he was involved in the hit and run accident and refused to get help for the 20-year-old. In a more unique sense, he provided the information necessary for him to be charged under the law.

The driver was said to have been clearing his conscience, in that he could not live with what he had done for any longer. Now, he may be suffering the consequences of his potentially negligent actions. Our Illinois car accident lawyers recognize that there is a lesson to be learned from this. That is, the efficacy of justice. One way or another justice can be achieved for individuals or families that suffer a loss at no fault of their own.

Whether it is from people owing up to their actions, requires legal action, or both, as is true for this case, justice is tangible. Should you or a loved one be injured or killed as a result of another’s negligence, you can contact our team of Chicago car accident lawyers to find out what rights may be available to you.

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