Improved Cataract Surgery Leads to Fewer Car Crashes

The world’s largest ophthalmic education conference was held at Chicago’s McCormick Place this weekend. While the program is all about the proper care for human eyes, one presentation explained how the importance of vision is imperative in reducing car crashes, as reported in SNS Media.

Most drivers are aware that good vision is an important part of safety on the roadway. But new research seems to quantitatively back up the notion that improved vision clarity leads to specific reduction in damaging car accidents. The data presented at the ophthalmic conference studied over 27,000 patients who had cataracts removed from at least one eye over a ten year period between 1997 and 2006. The driving records of those patients where then analyzed to determine the link between the surgery and roadway safety could be found.

The positive effect on crash reduction was startlingly clear. Researchers found that cataract surgery reduced car accidents by 12.6%. This was true even after accounting for other potential confounding factors.

The number of injuries and deaths that strike each day on America’s roadways is staggering. Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti are frequently involved in the aftermath of these tragic circumstances, attempting to sort out the legal liabilities and ensure that the victims of these car crashes receive the necessary compensation to help handle the losses from the incident.

Even as we work to help families after the accident, we are well aware that in the ideal world, the crash would never have occurred in the first place. That is why this blog often discusses steps that can be taken to improve safety and awareness while on the road. From unique concepts like improved cataract surgery to basic ideas like avoided distracted driving, each small step taken is another action which may save a life and ensure that more families do not have to undergo the struggle of these catastrophic events.

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