Joliet Family Sues Driver Over Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident

According to an online news report by, the family of a Joliet woman killed in a 2008 hit-and-run accident is suing the driver, who just recently came forward and confessed to striking her. The 28 year old driver of Naperville, Illinois allegedly struck the 20 year old University of Illinois student as she was walking on McDonough Street in Joliet. The driver’s identity has been a mystery until a few months ago, when he showed up on the family’s doorstep and confessed to taking part in the fatal crash. The report states that based on court records, the driver told the family that after the woman jumped out in front of his car, he hit her, checked on her and found that she was still alive, and then fled the scene.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys learned that the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit Thursday in Will County against the driver and is seeking more than $50,000 in damages. The driver has been charged with causing personal injury and leaving the scene of an accident causing a death. He is currently being held in Will County jail and returned to court earlier this week.

From the perspective of a Chicago auto accident attorney, too many motor vehicle accidents unnecessarily and severely injure and kill pedestrians throughout the state of Illinois. According to a National Pedestrian Crash Report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), pedestrian fatalities account for about 10 percent of traffic-related deaths and on average, thirteen pedestrians die in vehicle crashes each day. While many accidents take place in cities, pedestrian fatalities commonly occur in rural areas as well. Pedestrians are more likely to be killed in a crash between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. or during the weekend on Saturday or Sunday. They are also more likely to be killed if they are over the age of 65, under dark conditions, and while drivers are traveling at a higher speed. As a driver’s blood alcohol concentration increases, the probability of a pedestrian getting killed in a crash increases; nearly 46% of pedestrian fatalities are alcohol involved. Also surprisingly, one in five pedestrians killed are killed in hit-and-run motor vehicle crashes.

To help prevent pedestrian accidents, our Illinois auto accident lawyers want to offer readers some tips for staying safe on the roadways this summer. Drivers should be sure to follow all traffic controls, particularly those that relate to pedestrian traffic. They should pay attention to crosswalks and intersections and exercise caution before passing to be sure pedestrians are not crossing the road. Drivers should take particular care in crowded areas, parks, school zones, and near school buses to avoid young children that may dart into roadways with little regard for traffic. They should always refrain from driving while intoxicated or while distracted in the car. Furthermore, pedestrians should follow one of the most common rules of the road: look both ways before crossing the street. Following this rule alone can dramatically decrease the chances of an accident occurring. They should follow all pedestrian traffic controls, avoid jaywalking, and avoid walking on highways.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers want to emphasize the importance of following pedestrian safety rules at all times. When cars collide with pedestrians, there is high potential for catastrophic and painful injuries. In the previously mentioned news report, the hit and run accident resulted in a young woman’s death, and her family sought legal actions against the driver of the vehicle that struck her. If you have been seriously injured, or lost a loved one as a result of careless or negligent motorists, you can contact our team of Chicago auto accident lawyers to learn about what rights may be available to you. We are prepared to offer the resources you need to seek legal action.

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