Julie’s Law Holds Illinois’ Reckless Drivers Accountable

An Illinois man convicted in the aggravated speeding case that resulted in the death of a teenage girl in 2011 was sentenced to six months in jail earlier this week.

According to a follow up article from the Orland Park subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune, investigators from the Orland Park Police Department determined that the driver, now 22 years old, was going nearly twice the posted 40 mile per hour speed limit when he struck the passenger side of a Jeep turning in front of him.

Julie Gorczynski, the passenger of the Jeep, was just a week shy of her 18th birthday, and had graduated from high school earlier in the week.

The Judge cited the driver’s history of speeding violations, as well as a ticket the driver received for speeding in the months following the fatal crash as two of the major factors in her decision to give the maximum sentence.

While tragic, this accident has become a driving force in the introduction of new legislation in the Illinois General Assembly that features more repercussions for careless and reckless drivers. In July of this year, Governor Pat Quinn signed four of these road safety measures into law, which toughen penalties for excessive speeders and repeat offenders. The legislation has been coined “Julie’s Law”.

Julie’s loved ones hope that this legislation is the first step to curbing the nearly 1,000 deaths directly attributed to excessive and reckless speed every year in the state of Illinois. Nationwide, fatalities from similar accidents claim nearly 34,000 lives. (U. S. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration) By increasing their penalties for repeat offenders, Illinois is taking a stance to ensure that tragedies like this will not be tolerated, and that the people responsible will be held accountable.

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