Keep Your Friends and Yourself Safe, Don’t Drink and Drive

The United States government is in the midst of some pretty extensive budget cuts, and for over 300 million Americans, this is something that is hitting close to home. College tuition is rising at rates never before seen, and student loans along with it. No matter which rung of the social ladder you affiliate yourself with, the sequester is something that you are going to have to account for, so why rack up unnecessary costs?

Last year, alcohol-related car accidents cost the United States an estimated $37 billion. To put that into perspective, money like that could buy the Chicago Cubs 30 times over, and still have $7 billion left over to bribe the other teams to go easy on them. Additionally, drivers that chose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated caused more than 10,000 traffic fatalities in our country, one person every 51 minutes. The bottom line is that drunk driving is a significant cost to our national economy, and constitutes an even greater cost when you consider how many lives are cut short.

Going back to yesterdays post, it is important to note that drunk driving is not just a problem for the drivers of cars and trucks; 43% of all motorcyclists killed in traffic collisions had a blood alcohol concentration beyond the legal limit. Our lawyers have had the misfortune of seeing our clients suffer as the result of serious motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents caused by an alcohol-impaired driver. We all want to remind you that no matter who you are, what you drive, or where you are going, it is important to be responsible, and watch out for your friends. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

In one of our recent cases, the actions of a truck driver operating his vehicle while under the influence took the life of a beloved mother and wife. Our lawyers worked with the family and were successful in reaching a $6.5 million settlement. The money that our lawyers recover during our cases doesn’t pad the pockets of our clients, it provides crucially important financial support when accident victims and their families are at their most vulnerable. Additionally, these settlements hold people and companies liable for their reckless and negligent actions, and send a clear message that it won’t be accepted.

When you are out having a good time, know your limit, and speak up if you see your friend getting ready to drive home after they have had too much to drink. Remember that paying for a $20 cab ride now could save you thousands of dollars in fines and court fees down the road, and it will ensure that you and those around you are able to stay safe.

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