Lawsuit Filed After 2010 DUI Accident

Our Chicago accident lawyers recently read a report published on detailing a lawsuit that has been filed on behalf of a 20-year-old who was left permanently disabled after a devastating 2010 car accident. The parents of the young man have filed a $5 million lawsuit against the drunk driver of the motor vehicle, as well as, the two bars the defendant visited the night of the accident.

The accident in question transpired on March 10, 2010, when the 31-year-old defendant was traveling along an interstate highway after a night of drinking. The 31-year-old subsequently crossed the center line of the highway, causing a head-on collision with the accident victim’s vehicle.

As a direct result of the head-on collision, a Chicago car accident attorney at our firm learned that the victim sustained severe head trauma, bleeding in the brain, as well as, permanent and profound brain damage. He currently remains in an adult care facility. The tragic accident significantly altered the former track star’s life and has ultimately left him with the limited ability to speak and walk.

During criminal proceedings, the defendant driver was sentenced to 40 months in prison, three years of post-prison supervision, as well as, permanent revocation of his driver’s license for his role in the life-altering accident. The subsequent civil lawsuit, filed on March 7, contends that the driver is not the only liable party for the victim’s injuries.

Court papers read that employees at the bars visited by the defendant violated public safety laws for over-serving the 31-year-old. Our Chicago car accident attorneys learned that it has been stated that the bars were a “substantial contributing factor and proximate cause of the crash resulting in the injuries to the victim.”

Court documents further assert that the employees of both bars were “negligent in continuing to serve the defendant alcohol when he began to become visibly intoxicated; when they knew he should have known he would operate an automobile on a public roadway after leaving their establishment.”

Although the defendant was ordered to pay roughly $65,568 in restitution and fines, it is argued that the amount will not be able to cover the cost of the victim’s continued and on-going care. The accident victim’s parents are seeking a judgment for around $5 million. This amount includes past and future medical expenses; impairment to the victim’s earning capacity, as well as, non-economic pain and suffering to the victim’s personal life.

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