Lawsuits question who is to blame for fatal train accident

Four teens were injured and one killed when a train crashed into their vehicle in 2006. Since then, investigations of the train accident have led to lawsuits filed by and against many different personal injury attorneys. The teens and their families are suing the city in which the accident happened and the company that owned the train and the tracks under the allegations that the tracks were unsafe. The driver and the owners of the car are being sued based on claims of reckless driving. Reasons being cited as to how the town and train company failed to make the crossing safe and other allegations cited by attorneys include allowing a stop sign to be hidden behind brush, reducing motorists’ visibility; that the train was speeding excessively, failed to sound a horn and was staffed by unskilled workers; that the failure to create barriers to prevent cars from crossing the tracks when dangerous was negligent; and that the driver of the automobile failed to maintain control of the car, allowing it to be stuck on the tracks, where she then failed to unlock the doors. In addition to the teen that was ejected from the vehicle and killed, other injuries include knee injuries, spleen lacerations and pelvic, rib, jaw, and tooth fractures.

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