Madison County Car Accident Brings Awareness to Seat Belt Safety

Yesterday, BND reported an Illinois car accident involving a woman who was driving south on a highway when her vehicle crossed the center line and was hit by a tractor-trailer truck. The victim was pronounced dead at the accident site. It was also reported that the woman was not wearing a seatbelt. There will be further investigation to see if there were alcohol or drugs involved in the accident.

This tragic accident alarms our Illinois car accident attorneys because the victim’s death might have been avoidable if the woman had been wearing a seatbelt. According to BuckleUpIllinois, it is state law that driver and front seat passengers and people under 18 years of ageare required to wear seat belts. It is also the responsibility of drivers who transport children between the ages of 8 and 16 to make sure that the children are properly fastened into a seat belt or other child seating system.

The Illinois Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Evaluation shows that close to 93% of drivers use seatbelts, and close to 92% of passengers do. However, the rate is lower in the City of Chicago and on residential roads. Also, during weekdays, it is shown that people wear their seat belt less. Although majority do wear seatbelts, it is crucial that all drivers and passengers wear a seatbelt because if an accident occurs, it could be life saving. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, wearing a belt system reduces risks of serious injury or even death by half when used by the automobile’s driver and front seat passengers.

According to a study by James Madison University, 20% of all drivers will be in some sort of car accident or traffic crash this year. 75% of car crashes fatalities or injuries occur near the driver’s homeand more than 50% of all crashes involving injuries are usually when the driver is operating at a speed under 40 MPH. Knowing all of these statistics, our Illinois car accident attorneys cannot stress the importance of seatbelts enough. Seatbelts are lifesavers, and can seriously reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. Buckling up isn’t only the law, it is evident that it is effective and can help you should you be in a serious car accident.

Our Illinois injury attorneys know that at one point or another, most people will experience a car accident, and the possible devastation it may cause. Wearing a seatbelt can reduce the seriousness of injuries, or even prevent fatalities, when it comes to a car accident. Please buckle up.

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