May is National Bicycle Safety Month; Share the Road and Be Safe

Many different transportation agencies encourage bicycling as an enjoyable and healthy alternative mode of transportation to motor vehicles. However, riding your bike in your local roadways, especially those in urban centers like Chicago, can come with very real safety concerns. According to the law, bicycles on the roadways are vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as the larger passenger vehicles that they share the road with, but their injuries are often far more severe.

May is national bicycle safety month, but our lawyers as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believe that this issue is something that should be discussed everyday. The NHTSA’s bicycle safety program, a partnership between themselves, and AAA encourages all people to “model behaviors to enhance the safety of all road users, including those who bicycle.” That means modeling undistracted driving and riding, and always being ready to react to the unexpected when on the road. All of this contributes to a common end goal, sharing the road between vehicle drivers (both motorists and bicyclists) and showing mutual respect to keep everyone safe.

Like a motorcyclist or pedestrian, a bicyclist has little to no protection against the metal frames of the vehicles around them, and this greatly increases their risk for head, neck and spinal cord injuries. We represent clients in both Chicago and the greater state of Illinois that have had their life altered by bicycle accidents. We also provide much needed guidance to families that have lost a loved one as a result of the reckless and negligent conduct of another person. When these accidents happen, the deleterious effects can range from impaired cognitive function to an inability to perform everyday physical tasks, and either of these things can change your professional and social life. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Our lawyers know that many bicyclists are highly active and value their ability to live a vibrant and adventurous life. Even so, when these accidents occur priorities change, and most victims are forced to shift their focus to paying medical bills, making sure they and their family don’t suffer financially because of lost wages, and ensuring that they are not taken advantage of by their insurance company. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all sorts of accident cases, and we have won many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements to ensure that our clients can live their lives on their own terms.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident, do not need to navigate the road to recovery alone. Our lawyers have the experience and expertise they need to make the right choices at the right times.

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