More Winter Driving and Safety Tips

We have frequently shared the word about advice on safe driving given to all travelers this winter season. Yesterday, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, via the Narragansett Patch, provided even more thoughts on the best way to travel safely and securely as the winter season descends in full swing on our nation’s highways and byways.

This is especially important for all those traveling in the northeast as the intense winter storm is making all travel an extremely risk endeavor. Sloppy road conditions, high winds, drifting snow, and poor visibility all combine to create many dangers for car travelers.

It is vital that you check the road conditions before heading out to ensure that all roads that you intend to travel on are open. Also, once in the car the vehicle must be in proper working order. In that way, it is important to have your car winterized . That process includes testing batteries, brakes, heaters, exhaust systems, lights, anti-freeze, and more. Tires should be in good working order. The gas tank should never fall below half a tank, and the car should always include emergency equipment like jumper cables, road flares, shovel, salt, warm clothes, blanket, hat, mittens, and similar items.

Additionally, it is important to notify others of your travel plans. If something does go askew, help can arrive much quicker if someone is aware of your situation, your route, and whether or not you arrived at your planned destination.

Our Chicago car crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand that preventative steps can go a long way in eliminating car accidents and saving lives in roadside emergencies. There are virtually an endless variety of forms that winter weather trouble may arise. It is impossible to prepare for everything, but even a little forethought can go a long way. However, at times, you may be caught in an accident because of the negligence of another. When that occurs, get in touch with a car crash attorney to see if any legal steps can be taken.

There are many more tips provided. Please Click Here to read the entire article.

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