Motorcycle Accidents and Helmet Safety

Motorcycle accidents account for about ten percent of all fatalities every year and it is extremely important for all motorcycle riders to remember that safety is very important. Unfortunately, in Illinois there is no law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets but it is crucial for anyone that wants to drive or ride on a motorcycle to understand the importance and safety in wearing a helmet. Illinois is one of only three states that have absolutely no helmet requirements, even among people younger than 18. Until this legislation is changed and the law requires this extremely important safety measure to be taken, riders must make it a point on their own to make sure they and their passengers always wear a helmet. Motorcycle crashes can be very dangerous because the riders are not protected or surrounded the way they are in a vehicle and this is how so many traumatic brain injuries occur as a result of motorcycle accidents. Brain injury is what causes the most motorcycle related deaths, and if all riders would always wear a helmet the number of brain injuries would be greatly reduced. Traumatic brain injuries are injuries that cause the disrupt the normal functioning of the brain after a blow or some kind of startling jolt. According to The Brain Injury Association of America, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of brain injury, following a motorcycle accident, saving as many as 1,500 lives a year. To learm more about the extreme dangers of motorcycle accidents, please click on this hyperlink.

Given the recent surge of warmer weather, more people are riding motorcycles and this safety issue becomes more prominent. Please remember that whenever you or a loved one gets on a motorcycle to always wear a helmet, so you can have fun safely!

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