Naperville Man Killed By Aggressive Driver

Two days ago, our Chicago car accident attorneys read in The Naperville Sun, about a road rage accident that resulted in the fatality of a Naperville man. Although police have created a drawing illustrating what the alleged negligent driver may look like, and are aware of the car’s make and model, but still have not found both the driver and car. The family members remain hopeful that, with the help of the police sketch, someone will turn the driver in, or provide information about her.

The man’s death highlights the dangers and consequences of road rage. In addition to distracted driving, road rage is one of the biggest dangers on our roads today. With increased traffic and congestion in many areas, drivers easily become frustrated and funnel their aggressions to the drivers around them.

Sites like and the offer some helpful tips to avoid becoming involved in an accident involved with aggressive drivers. Some of these tips include:

• Do not provoke other drivers on the road • Do not tailgate, or ride too closely behind, another driver • If someone aggressively wants to pass you, let them • Do not use vulgar hand or face gestures • Use your horn in appropriate situations only • When you spot an aggressive or angry driver, let them be and avoid them • Give the aggressive or angry driver as much physical space as possible
There are also ways for you to avoid aggressive behaviors. As we have cautioned in the past, make sure you are well rested before getting behind the wheel. Always give yourself enough time to drive to your destination so you don’t have to speed. If you find yourself clenching the steering wheel when angry, loosen up and take a deep breath to recollect yourself. Finally, do not take other driver’s behaviors personally. Focus on being safe instead of dwelling on the mistakes of others will help you avoid an accident.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys encourage all of our readers to both know how to react to an aggressive or angry driver, and also avoid being that person with road rage. We understand that at times driving can be stressful, but it is important to recognize that other drivers on the road are not being purposefully malicious to you specifically. You should not take other drivers’ behavior on the road as personal. We hope that after reading this post, our readers will understand the severity of road rage, and how it can cause both serious accidents, and even death.

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