New Car Safety Features Becoming Available to More Drivers

When car manufacturers unveil new safety features on vehicles they are often only available on the most expensive lines of cars. That means they remain out of reach for the normal driver and family. However, experts are noticing that the trend is finally changing. Tampa Bay Consumer Online wrote today about the advanced car safety features that are now making their way into most lower-priced cars.

The new safety features are being added to cars to attract new buyers in the midst of the still potent automobile downturn. With a recent series of car recalls, manufacturers are also attempting to regain trust with the average driver.

Some of the new features include traction and stability control. When installed the device detects when a wheel slips, allowing for automatic compensation to the other wheels. Many experts believe this should be a mandatory technology as it helps avoid slips, spinouts, and rollovers.

Cameras are also becoming common on many vehicles. These devices connect to the dashboard to provide views of everything that is happening around the car-attempting to eliminate all blind spots. Back-up cameras and warning systems are particularly popular. They may help avoid hitting an unseen child behind the car or bumping into a vehicle while getting out of a parking spot.

No technology will completely eliminate the risks on the road. However, considering the huge number of accidents that still plague our roadways, it is important to take advantage of as many safety advances as possible. Our Chicago car crash lawyers at Levin & Peronti encourage all drivers to utilize the new technology that lowers their risk of involvement in car accidents. Yet, basic safe driving techniques like appropriate speeds and following traffic signals diligently should remain the cornerstone of all driving.

Click Here to read about more of the car safety features becoming widely available.

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