New Ordinance to Deter Driving Without a License

A new ordinance is scheduled to go into effect on January 1st, in which drivers found to be driving without a license or with a suspended license (often as a result of a car accident or other impaired driving incident) will have their car impounded, requiring drivers to pay a $500 fine and a $165 towing fee to get their car back. The supporters of the ordinance say that these fees are intended to deter drivers from driving without a license and that hopefully people will think again before getting into a car without a license. People that are opposing this ordinance feel that just charging offenders and then letting them get right back on the road after paying money does not solve the problem. Regardless of what this ordinance will end up accomplishing, driving without a license is a serious issue and many of these unsafe drivers are responsible for Illinois car accidents and something should be done to try to keep the numbers of unlicensed drivers off the road. If you are interested in finding out more about this ordinance, click on the hyperlink.

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