NHTSA Proposes New Anti-Rollover Technology to Prevent Truck Accidents

In the United States, the car is a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Most people can’t go more than a few hours without seeing a vehicle of some sort, no matter where they live. Unfortunately, as we put more and more cars on the road with each coming year, common logic states that an increase in the number of vehicle accidents will likely follow.

Today it is not uncommon to pass the aftermath of an accident while traveling on the highway, or to come across news of a bad accident while reading the newspaper on any given day. Our lawyers know that humans are not perfect, and neither is their driving. Still, on the bright side, there are many agencies working tirelessly to keep pace with our constantly expanding motor industry, using technology to combat statistics and save lives.

Preventing rollover accidents has been a point of interest for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration since it’s inception, especially in regard to large trucking accidents. The larger a vehicle is, the harder it is to control; a sharp turn or excessive speed can result in severe roll over accidents which can leave victims with traumatic injuries. Earlier this week, the NHTSA recommended that all semi trucks and large vehicles be equipped with new anti-rollover technology, and stated that this proposed regulation would require devices to be implemented within the next two to four years.

This new technology, electronic stability control, uses monitors in each wheel of a vehicle to control speed and functionality during emergency situations. The product can be used to prevent trailers and large trucks from sliding out of control, which is the main cause of roll over accidents. If implemented effectively, the NHTSA estimates that ESC could prevent 56% of rollover accidents and 14% of crashes resulting from drivers losing control of their vehicles. While most people conceive of roll over accidents as single vehicle accidents, this is not always the case. Often times these accidents can be the result of trying to avoid another drivers erratic actions on a roadway, which may cause a person to quickly swerve or change direction. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Roughly three million people are injured in traffic accidents each year, and many of these people are the victims of the reckless or negligent actions of another person on the road. Our truck accident lawyers know the intricacies of the tractor-trailer industry, as well as specifics about other large vehicles like buses and city vehicles. It is this experience and attention to detail that allows us to serve our clients so well, and what makes our law firm stand out. Each of our attorneys are genuinely concerned about each client that we represent, and we have fought and won many cases to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their injuries. A recent $10 million settlement recovered for a 5-year-old boy hit by a Chicago Fire truck is just one example of the work we do everyday for our clients, and this is something that we are very proud of.

If your life has been changed because of someone else’s carelessness, you don’t have to live with it, and you are not alone.

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