NHTSA to Partner in Research Project to Develop Accident Avoidance Technology

So we’ve talked a great deal about all of the ways in which technological innovations are rearing their ugly heads behind the wheel, but to be realistic most technology is created with the intentions of making our lives easier. With the advent of new and advanced electronic wiring in vehicles, on board computers, and Wi-Fi and technological communication, technology can also provide a medium by which to curb car accident statistics by helping drivers to stay one step ahead of potential accidents.

There are roughly 6 million car accidents every year in the United States, and these collisions will leave 3 million people with injuries severe enough to merit hospital visits. Tragically, roughly two-thirds of those people will have the fact the reality of dealing with permanent side effects for the rest of their lives. With this in mind, the ITS Crash Avoidance Research Program is no hard at work conducting trials to better understand the factors that lead to car accidents. The projects main goal is to produce results that can be used in the creation of advanced crash avoidance systems for American vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has teamed up with the project, citing its mission of “saving lives, preventing injuries, and reducing traffic related health care and other economic costs, by facilitating the development, deployment, and evaluation of safety products and systems.” The two organizations believe that this project will require a combined effort from the NHTSA, the automobile industry, and other technological companies working under cooperative programs to make United States citizens safer when they get into their car. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

The number of people who receive permanent and debilitating injuries as a result of car accidents is far too high. Our lawyers at Levin Perconti have seen first hand how collisions caused by the negligence and recklessness of just one person can affect entire families, and even communities. Our attorneys have recovered more than $520 million and counting for our clients, and we are committed to treating the victims of car accidents and personal injury accidents like family.

In one of our more recent cases, our client was a young boy, who had lost his leg and half of his pelvis after being run over by a Chicago Fire Engine while playing on the Fourth of July. Together, our team recovered a $10 million settlement for him and his family. What would have been a catastrophic amount of debt from medical bills and insurance costs was then able to be paid for by the family, helping them get a step closer to their normal way of life.

Stories like this are why we do what we do, and why we are passionate about personal injury law. If you or a loved one is in need of help or guidance, we are always just a phone call away.

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