NHTSA’s New ‘SaferCAr’ App for iPhone Aimed at Helping Drivers Stay Safe

If it seems like our attorneys are talking about technology a lot in these blog posts, there’s a good reason for that. With the rapidity of innovation in today’s society, more and more industries are becoming tech-driven. New cars are coming with Wi-Fi car-to-car communication devices built into their consuls, on board computers can detect terrain and respond to it to give you a more comfortable ride, and safety technology is more reliant on technology than ever before.

You can be grumpy all you want about the fact that a new model of the iPad came out 45 seconds after you bought yours, but the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration views expeditious technological innovation as a key in ensuring driver safety. The agency announced late last month that they have developed a new iOS application for iPhones and iPods that can provide real-time vehicle safety diagnostics and information for consumers.

The information will be streamlines directly from the NHTSA’s SaferCar.gov website, and allows users to search for safety ratings, get car seat installation help, file defect complaints, and access recall information and notices. “Safety is our highest priority, and we’re always working to find new and better ways for people to access SaferCar, one of the most popular programs on our website,” said the U.S. Transportation Secretary. “This app takes advantage of the latest technology to ensure that consumers have the real-time information they need to buy safe, drive safe and stay safe.”

According to officials this is just the first phase of the applications distribution and the NHTSA is hard at work developing versions that will be compatible with Android and other smart-devices. This release is supplemented by the simultaneous introduction of the NHTSA’s Application Programming Interface, which will serve as another new medium for accessing up to the minute safety data. With more efficient and flexible data analysis, this integration of technology could set the precedent for a new wave of creative and consumer friendly web and mobile applications. The NHTSA intends to release an online course for teaching consumers how to use the new API’s, and better use the technology in their daily life. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Everyday our lawyers work with clients who have had serious automobile accidents permanently alter their lives. Believe it or not, getting behind the wheel of a car is most likely the most dangerous activity you do in the course of an average day, and this is why it is so important that we utilize every possible avenue in making our roadways safer. Remember that no matter how innovative technology is, it is still only a supplementary tool in safe driving, which starts with the driver.

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