One Dead in Chicago CTA Bus Crash

Chicago is an incredibly busy city with people always on the go. Throughout Chicago, but especially in the Loop and downtown area, you can see people utilizing all modes of city transportation in the same area: personal vehicle, taxi, train, bus, bicycle, and by foot. However, no matter the mode of transportation, everyone must always be vigilant and avoid negligent behavior. Because we are such a busy city with so many people traveling fast and with places to go, we must be aware of each other and always practicing safety as to not put others in danger and cause accidents.

Unfortunately, crashes do happen, and can be especially dangerous when they occur in the busiest and most congested areas of the city. According to a recent article by ABC News, one person died after a Chicago bus crashed into and came to a stop on a pedestrian plaza. In addition to the loss of one life, eight others were injured, and multiple cars were involved in the crash. At the time of the crash, the CTA bus was turning off Lake Street at the intersection of Michigan Avenue. The bus collided with four cars and then came to a stop on a pedestrian plaza. The bus driver received a ticket for failing to stop at a red light and failing to exercise due care. Due care, as many of our readers know, is something we always stress the importance of in our blogs. Exercising due care is a legal responsibility everyone on the road must uphold, and when we breach this duty and act negligently, accidents can and do occur. When people suffer injuries or death as a result of someone’s negligence, they will be held liable and accountable under the law.

Another article by DNAinfo also elaborated on this unfortunate crash and instance of negligence. In further detail, the victim that died was actually a pedestrian walking along Michigan Avenue who became pinned under the CTA bus and then died as a result. At the time of the accident, the streets and sidewalks were especially busy and filled with people headed home from their day at work. The article describes how screams filled the area as bystanders tried to come to the rescue of several who were trapped in the crash of the accordion-style bus. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they too crawled under the bus to look for victims. It was at this time that emergency responders pulled the victim out who was rushed to the hospital and shortly later died.

Our attorneys send our deepest sympathies to the victims of this accident and their families. Bus accidents are incredibly dangerous because these are both especially large vehicles and a means of mass public transportation. Buses are vehicles that both serve a large number of people at a time and operate in areas that are typically very busy in regards to traffic and pedestrians. Citizens of Chicago should be able to trust that the local bus drivers are safe and there to be a service to the city, not put us in danger.

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