One Killed, Four Injured in Aurora Crash

It’s unfortunate how often we hear in the news about car accidents that took the lives of people, especially when they were accidents that were completely preventable and never should have occurred. All too often people do not appreciate the dangers of the road and imperative safety needed when driving. By posting and discussing these accidents, our lawyers hope to inform readers about how frequently preventable accidents occur, so that you can inform others in your life about the need to be responsible when behind the wheel. It is all too often that people have a mindset that they are invincible or that a terrible accident is rare and will not happen to them.

Perhaps that was in the mind of a driver in a recent Aurora accident reported by the Chicago Tribune. According to the article, this motor vehicle accident not only took the life of the driver but seriously injured all four passengers in the car. According to authorities, the causes of the crash were excessive speeding and potentially drunk driving. The accident occurred around 2:30 in the morning on Farnsworth Avenue. The driver lost control of the vehicle, and veered off the road south of Front Street, striking a power pole at Grove Street, according to the Aurora Police Department.

The article stated that the force of the crash was so strong that two of the four passengers were thrown from the vehicle, and the driver died at the scene. One passenger’s condition was so serious that that airlift to a hospital was required. Witnesses at the scene described how the driver was going at a very high rate of speed. Police also reported finding open alcohol inside the vehicle.

What is most alarming and probably the most important part of this story to discuss is that this was a single-car crash, yet the lives of four individuals were lost. There was no collision with any other vehicle that posed a danger. Instead, it was the reckless actions of the driver in the vehicle solely that presumably took their lives. This goes to show that when we get behind the wheel of a car, our actions matter significantly. Had a driver acted in a responsible and safe manner instead of choosing to be reckless, endangering her life and the lives of others, this accident would never have happened.

When going out with friends, be sure you all have a game plan to keep yourselves and each other safe. No one should ever get behind the wheel when drunk. Be sure that you have a means of transportation home that doesn’t require driving (such as a Metra train or cab), or that you have a designated sober driver who will not partake in drinking. If nothing else, plan to stay over somewhere until you and your party can safely drive home in the morning. If your driver appears that they are unable to drive from intoxication, do not get in a vehicle. Instead, call for a ride. A little extra money spent on a safe ride home is always worth your life.

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