Oprah Enters the Fight Against Texting While Driving

Oprah Winfrey has started a new campaign urging everyone to make their cars “no phone zones”. The goal behind this campaign is to get people to not use their cell phone to call or text while they are driving, with the goal of reducing car accidents. Cell phone use in cars has been proven to be very dangerous, and the distraction that it causes to drivers has even been compared to the impairment that alcohol can have on a driver. Oprah is asking her viewers to “sign” a no phone zone pledge on her website having them agree to not use their phone while driving, and already has over 200,000 people that have agreed to partake in this pledge.

According to PC Mag‘s website, Oprah has many organizations behind her and in full support on this pledge, including the Department of Transportation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and many others. Many states (close to half) have enacted anti-texting laws that make it illegal to text while the car is in drive. Illinois is one of the states that has an anti-texting law which went into effect earlier this year. Additionally, a law has gone into effect nationwide that bans the use of cell phone for text messaging among all government workers. Congress is looking into more options including a possible incentive program for drivers that avoid texting while driving. While these laws are very important in preventing car crashes, more steps need to be taken by individual drivers to help fix this dangerous problem. To read more about Oprah Winfrey’s new anti-texting campaign, please click on the hyperlink.

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