Other New Illinois Driving Laws

The new texting ban that went into effect in Illinois earlier this year is not the only new cell phone law aimed at reducing Illinois car accidents that Illinois drivers need to be aware of. In addition to the texting ban, the Illinois legislature also passed a law that makes talking on a cell phone while in a school zone or construction zone against the law because of the possible danger in causing car crashes in these areas. This goes for all times of day and is in effect even during hours where children and construction workers are not present. The construction zone law also apples to temporary work areas as long as a speed reduction sign is posted. The law does not ban blue tooth use, speaker mode, or emergency 911 call in these restricted areas.

Some police officials have issues with these laws now that construction season is about to start in Illinois. The public has not been made aware of these laws in very much depth and certain officials believe that it is unfair to ticket without proper warning. The hope with these officials is that officers will only issue warnings to people until the public is better informed of the new law at which time there will be a zero tolerance policy. To read more about these new laws in Illinois, click here.

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