Our Lawyer’s Tips For New Motorcyclists

Despite the fact that bikers are roughly 35 times as likely to be involved in a deadly accident than those driving cars, motorcycle use continues to grow nationwide, with new riders registering every day. We’ve had a few cold patches here and there, but it appears spring is just around the corner – and that means a lot of motorcyclists are excited to get back out on the open road.

Our lawyers want to remind you that motorcycle safety is not only important for motorcyclists, it is essential to ensure the safety of each of the drivers sharing the road with these vehicles. With that in mind, our Chicago car accident lawyers want to share a few important tips and precautions for every beginner or novice motorcyclist. (Center for Disease Control & Prevention; motorcycle.org)

Avoid Blind Spots-Never assume that the drivers around you can see your motorcycle. If you find yourself in a blind spot, take action as soon as possible to get yourself out of it, and do so in a way that is predictable and safe.

Don’t Accelerate Out of Stoplights
-No matter how much you may want to put the pedal down and accelerate once the light turns green, it’s safer to take a moment to survey the intersection and ensure that everyone has stopped safely. Negligent car accidents happen all the time, and you can’t always rely on drivers to obey the rules.

Avoid Potential Blind Turn Areas
-This occurs when a line of cars are positioned parallel to a sidewalk, and a driver attempts to exit from a driveway or parking lot entrance completely blind to what is beyond the cars. Some vehicles proceed recklessly out into the next lane, while others slowly extend the nose of their vehicles out. Either way, if you are a motorcyclist traveling in the next lane, this can cause you to hit the turning vehicle, or make you swerve. Avoid putting yourself in this position whenever possible, and proceed cautiously when you can’t help it. (Ride Apart; MotorcycleAccident.org)

Don’t let yourself become a victim; be aware of your surroundings, and avoid situations that put yourself or others at risk.

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