Potential New Illinois Motorist Legislation to be Seen in 2012

Yesterday, the Daily Herald reported on how in 2012, there may be new cell phone, drivers education, and helmet laws that Illinois motorists will need to be aware of. Some of the new anticipated legislation that our Illinois car accident attorneys read about includes:

• Mandatory helmet requirements for motorcyclists and any passengers • Prohibiting the use of hand-held cellphones for drivers • Enforcing and increasing consequences for drivers who misuse disabled parking passes or licenses • Requiring 18-year-olds to have taken a driver’s education course in order to get their license • Increasing the learner’s permit age from 15-years-old to 16, and enforcing nighttime regulations such as curfew • Ensuring that drivers who have repeatedly been caught driving without insurance or on a suspended license face consequences
All of these new regulations, or modifications on old legislature, are being discussed and the creation of them has not been affirmed. Requiring 18-year-olds to take a driver’s education class would only be beneficial, not harmful, in the eyes of a Chicago auto accident attorney. Driver’s education classes are fundamental in providing the rules of the road to new drivers, making young drivers aware of both the rules and the risks associated with operating a vehicle.

And, in addition to the current texting ban in Illinois, prohibiting hand-held cellphones would only help to decrease distracted drivers on the road. Another potential new law that the article pointed out was mandatory helmet use for motorcyclists. Illinois is one of three states in the United States remaining that doesn’t have a helmet law. Once again, this helmet law will only benefit motorcyclists, not causing any harm. Safety gear, such as helmets, is crucial to motorcyclists’ safety because bikes lack the protection that cars have. During the warmer months, we frequently read about motorcyclists who are seriously injured or killed in motorcycle accidents. Although helmets may not prevent all injuries, they lower ones’ risk for serious brain injuries if involved in a crash.

As an Illinois accident attorney, one could see why these laws could be controversial; they put more government control into driver’s lives. However, we do believe that these laws are for the safety and protection of drivers and people they share the roads with. We hope to see these new laws passed in 2012 because they cover many of the issues that are pressing the safety of today’s drivers.

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