Proper Car Seat Usage Can Reduce an Infants Risk of Death by 71% in an Accident

Once children come into the picture, everything changes. Suddenly, three hours of sleep a night is the new norm, and you are trading in your sporty crimson convertible for a more practical mini van. Yet, as any parent knows, despite being sleep deprived, you wouldn’t trade your kid for anything in the world.

Traffic accidents and other roadway injuries are some of the leading causes of preventable fatalities and trauma for children in the United States, but today engineers and auto manufacturers are producing safer and more innovative cars and car seats than ever before. When properly used and installed, child safety seats have the potential to reduce a child’s risk of death by as much as 71% during an accident. As child injury attorneys and parents, we want every mom and dad to take full advantage of their vehicles and safety devices to ensure that their most precious cargo gets from point A to point B safely. What follows are a few tips for using and installing your child’s car seat.

Utilize a Car Seat Checklist-A staggering 73% of all car seats are either improperly installed or are not used correctly. Many organizations, such as Safe Kids, have easy to access car seat checklists available for you to use as a reference. If you have questions or concerns about proper usage or installation, don’t leave your child’s safety to chance, take 15 minutes to double check.

Look Into Car Seat Inspection Events in Your Area-Federal and state safety agencies and organizations have been known to host car seat inspection events all across the country, in which certified experts can make sure your child is as safe as possible. These are also easy to find on the internet, and can be enormously helpful.

Your Child is Going to Grow; Don’t Keep The Same Car Seat-Car seats are designed to protect children that fall within specific height and weight requirements. If your child has a sudden growth spurt, or you are given a car seat from a relative, don’t assume that it will be effective in preventing injuries. Ensure that you have the best car seat for the unique physical frame of your kid, and replace safety devices as needed.

Model Safe Behavior in Your Vehicle-Studies have shown time and time again that when adults wear seat belts, kids follow suit. Even before a child becomes old enough to safely wear a seat belt, it is very important to model proper behavior any time you are in a vehicle with a child. (Safe Kids; Center for Disease Control & Prevention)

As personal injury lawyers, our legal team knows that motor vehicle accidents pose a very real danger when it comes to the fragile and developing bodies of infants and young children, and that is why we want to provide as much information as possible to help keep them safe. If your child has been injured because of the negligence of another driver, call us to see what legal options may be available to you and your family.

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