Quad City Motorcycle Accident Results in Life-Threatening Injuries

Recently, The Quad City Times reported about an accident where a man was severely injured when his motorcycle collided with a car. The motorcyclist was driving near the curb, when a driver turned, causing the motorcyclist to perpendicularly hit the car. Reports say that the motorcyclist was thrown off of his motorbike, onto the ground and was then taken to the emergency room. Police in the area say that this accident is still under investigation for further information.

This accident highlights the potential dangers of motorcycling, and the importance of motorcycle safety. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in 2010, “Illinois experienced a total of 130 fatal crashes involving motorcycles, resulting in the death of 131 motorcycle operators and passengers and one-non motorists.” Out of the131 killed, only two were wearing certified helmets, and close to half had been driving under the influence. These alarming statistics, paired with our coverage of recent accidents across the state, will hopefully encourage not only our readers, but motorcyclists as well, to take better safety precautions.

The Illinois Department of Transportation also warns that most motorcycle accidents occur on weekends, from 6:00 p.m. Friday through late Sunday night. And while most motorcycle accidents take place in the summer when there are more motorcyclists on the road, one should still follow proper motorcycle safety practices all year round.

To reduce the risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident, all motorists need to pay attention and remember how to drive safely around smaller vehicles. Because motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles and lack the same protection that cars offer, and when people are involved in accidents while on a motorcycle, they are more likely to be seriously injured. Drivers should share the road, and keep a look out for these smaller vehicles, especially in warm weather and in areas where a lot of people ride.

Motorcyclists should always take into account that they are not easily visible in larger car and truck’s blind spots. They should also drive defensively. Driving aggressively, such as swerving, riding between lanes, and weaving, is highly dangerous and increases the likeliness of an accident. Motorcyclists should also keep up with the maintenance of their bike and equipment. Some sites, such as the Illinois Department of Transportation, provide a Pre-Ride checklist that can help riders make sure everything is working properly. Finally, it is very important to wear proper gear. Proper gear consists of thick clothing, boots, goggles, gloves and helmets. These elements will help to protect the motorcyclist should an accident occur.

As discussed in some previous posts, our Chicago motorcycle crash lawyers suggest participating in free three-step motorcycle rider safety training courses. The stages include, beginner, intermediate, and experienced courses. To find a course near you, visit StartSeeingMotorcycles.org. We strongly encourage our motorcyclist readers to follow these tips, and always drive safely on the road. We also hope that other drivers will stay alert and aware on the road while always scanning for smaller vehicles. Although motorcycle riding can be dangerous, many of the risks can be prevented if everyone shares the road in a safe and sensible manner.

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