Recent Studies Discuss Motorcycle Safety and Visibility

Yesterday, posted an article regarding several motorcycle safety studies published in the new Accident Analysis & Prevention journal. The studies examined why other drivers on the road do not acknowledge motorcyclists in the same way that they acknowledge other vehicles, how certain headlights can make motorcycles stand out more on the road, and finally how mirror use is related to car and motorcycle collisions.

The reports show that motorcycles with a certain T-shaped headlight set ups are more easily identified by other drivers. Although there was some lack of clarity regarding why other drivers on the road have difficulties acknowledging motorcyclists, the study did conclude that “dual drivers,” or drivers who operate both cars and motorcycles, are more able to recognize motorcycles on the road. The researchers who conducted the study believe that this could be potential evidence that other drivers on the road look at the motorcyclists, but fail to comprehend their presence by actually seeing them.

Furthermore, our Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys also read in the article that certain mirror-incorporated gear can help make the riders more noticeable. If the motorcycle drivers are wearing multi-colored, white, or bright reflective gear, they are more visible then if they were wearing all dark colors.

As posted in some of our previous blog entries, while motorcyclists need to work on making themselves more visible to other people on the road, cars and pedestrians also need to be more alert of motorcyclists’ presence on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association offers some tools that riders can use to make themselves more visible. As suggested in the article referenced above, certain retro-reflective materials, that are neon and lightweight, can be placed on clothing, helmets, and the motorcycle itself to make the motorcyclist visible to others on the road. Motorcyclists should also have some sort of bell or horn they can use when they see a car coming they can more easily make their presence aware.

Our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers believe that studies like this will help other drivers on the road to be more alert of motorcyclists’ presence, and will hopefully reduce the number of accidents involving motorcycles and cars. While accidents are most prominent at intersections, drivers should always be on the look-out for people on motorcycles and other smaller vehicles, such as bicycles and scooters. We encourage our readers to stay alert and aware on the road, not only to pay more attention to signs and rules of the roads, but also the people that you share the road with.

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