Recent Survey Shows Consumers Want More Safety Technology in Cars

An Illinois auto accident lawyer at our firm pointed out an article that was posted recently by that discussed a study showing drivers want in-car technology that helps to avoid accidents. Some of these in- car technologies include “features such as lane-changing and blind-spot warning systems and cars that automatically call 911 if they’re involved in a crash.” Close to 85% of those surveyed also mentioned that they want technology that would enable their car to automatically stop itself before calling 911 or emergency services to report a problem. Pairing safer vehicles with safer drivers and newer technologies could help drivers avoid serious accidents. Automated driver-aid and traffic awareness technologies are also in demand, as well as communication technologies that help drivers stay connected.

As we have mentioned in some of our previous Chicago car accident lawyer blog entries, new technologies, such as ones that can wake a drowsy driver up, or self-park, have been created or are close to being created. There has definitely been a visible demand for products such as these for tech savvy drivers. However, some in-car technologies may also be dangerous.

Features such as GPS, music, Bluetooth, or other communication systems can be just as dangerous as using hand held technologies. When buying a car with all of the technological bells and whistles, it is important to remember to only use them at safe points in time, such as when the car is parked. Using these devices and technologies while the car is in motion can lead to distracted driving. While we support technologically advanced safety features such as waking up a drowsy driver or blind spot warning systems, other types such as communication options can be dangerous.

When on the road, we want to remind drivers that their first priority is not plugging in an address to a GPS system or trying to get the voice control system to work. A driver’s first priority is staying alert and aware on the road. Using technology when driving can lead to cognitive distractions, which is when the driver does not have their mind focused on the road.

Our Chicago accident lawyers encourage automobile makers to continue coming out with new technologic safety features, but we also encourage drivers to make safe decisions on the road. We hope that drivers will take their safety and the safety of others they share the road with into consideration when choosing to manipulate devices in the car. New technologies are great, as long as drivers stay alert and aware on the road.

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