Reckless Driver Charged for Chicago 5-Car Crash and Pedestrian Fatality

When people choose to drive recklessly or act with road rage, they need to realize that their actions have real consequences. When they act in this way, their actions are not just isolated projections of what they are feeling, but negatively impact other people when they make the roads an extremely dangerous place to be as a driver or passenger. Simply because a driver may have issues in their own lives, does not mean the driver should release this anger through reckless driving, nor should others on the road become such a frustration that feelings are taken out on others on the road. If this is the case, an individual should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. People should only drive when they are calm and collected and can devote their attention to the road and acting safely.

According to an article by CBS Chicago, a woman has been charged with murder after a drunken fight with her husband, followed by a five-car crash that killed a pedestrian on the south side of Chicago. She got into a fight with her husband in the early morning on the 5500 block of South State Street, according to police. Her husband took off from the argument, and she followed him in another vehicle, intentionally crashing into it. This caused her husband’s vehicle to strike at least three other vehicles, ricochet off of a light pole, and then strike a pedestrian who was standing on the sidewalk. The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital and later died as a result of injuries from the collision. The woman was then arrested and charged with first-degree murder, aggravated DUI, and reckless homicide as a result of the pedestrian accident.

There is no reason this accident should have occurred. Someone minding their own business and simply standing on a public sidewalk should not have to fear that they will die in a collision because of marital problems. That’s what makes reckless driving different than other accidents. When we are out and about in bad weather, we can expect there to be higher risks of collisions due to increased driving hazards. Reckless driving, on the other hand, is a volitional choice. When we are out on a normal and average day, we should not have to fear a collision nor should we have to expect to be put in danger from someone’s recklessness and personal anger. We understand that personal problems happen and that marriages can be trying at times, but we also stress that these problems should remain personal and in the home. The public, especially when behind the wheel of a vehicle, is no way to approach a problem, especially because it greatly endangers the lives and well-being of others in your community. Our problems may seem like the most severe problem in the world in the moment of anger and frustration, but when you choose to act on them through recklessness, those problems will be small when compared to criminal charges and killing another person.

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