Rental Car Accident Spurs Political Pressure

As of late, there has been increasing political pressure on car rental companies to ensure that all cars are repaired before renting or selling them. Senator Barbara Boxer has spearheaded the political effort, reports Senator Boxer is currently promoting her pledge and is bringing forth legislation that would commit rental companies to repairing all cars before utilizing them again. Senator Boxer is asking the public to boycott car rental companies that do not sign the pledge.

The political consequences were caused by a 2004 crash, in which two young women were killed in a car accident while driving an PT Cruiser they rented from Enterprise Rent-a-Car. The PT Cruiser was in need of repair when it was rented to the women. In the wrongful death suit, the family of the two women won $15 million in damages. The mother of the two women has been working with activist groups attempting to raise awareness and pressure car rental companies.

In response to the mounting pressure, the Chairmen and CEO of Enterprise recently sent a letter to Boxer, in which he cited current company policies that require disclosure of needed repairs in all retail sales. Another spokesman for the company issued a statement that the company currently does not rent out any recalled vehicles, or those in need of repair.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys are appreciative of the awareness raised on both sides of the issue. For one, it is necessary to be aware of potential risks that could be life endangering, and know that there is action that can be taken should the risks become actualities. Additionally, the wrongful death suit has increased safety measured on the part of rental companies, a welcome change that is good for all of society.

Any Chicago car accident lawyer will tell you that there are risks involved in anything and everything. While cases like this one are tragic, there is compensation and changes can be made to ensure a safer future. If you or a loved one has suffered a similar injustice, and was injured or killed, you can contact our Chicago car accident lawyers to find out what rights and actions are available to you.

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