Report Finds Rockford, Illinois Pedestrian-Related Car Accidents Have Tripled in 2012

When posting yesterday’s blog entry about new technologies that are making cars more pedestrian friendly, our Illinois accident attorneys found an interesting article on that discusses the frequency of pedestrian-related car accidents in Rockford, Illinois. According to the article, so far in 2012, three times as many pedestrians have been injured by cars in Rockford compared to last year. More specifically, 18 pedestrians have been hit since the New Year, with majority of the crashes occurring on public roads. The article observes that the mild winter-weather conditions we have had this year are not accountable for the increase in pedestrian related accidents, but Rockford Policemen have noticed that more people are walking on streets instead of on the sidewalk because they want a “smooth surface and they don’t want to go over the curb.”

As an Illinois car accident attorney of ours mentioned yesterday, the safest way to avoid being in a pedestrian related car accident is to always use designated sidewalks and crosswalks when possible, and be extra careful and aware at intersections. We also want to remind our readers that traffic signals or signs should never be ignored, and waiting for the white pedestrian signal at a crosswalk for a few seconds is worth it if it means avoiding serious personal injury or death.

As children, we learn to look left and right and then left again when crossing the street, and sometimes adults may forget this tip. But looking both ways before crossing, and continuing to look while you walk could help you to avoid being in an accident. If a pedestrian is walking with a child, they should always hold the child’s hand to ensure that the child does not go running through the street, or walk to closely to a car.

We also would like to remind our readers that certain websites, including the Federal Highway Association, which is run by the U.S. Department of Transportation, offers a step-by-step resident’s guide for creating safe and walkable communities. It helps to remind community members how to address pedestrian problems, determine the scale or severity of the issue, and offers tips to help improve the safety of the neighborhood.

As our Chicago car accident lawyers have mentioned previously, we also encourage programs like citywide awareness campaigns, in addition to education at schools and senior centers. Pairing these tools with new technologies that automobile makers are coming out with can aid in reducing, and potentially even eliminating, serious pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

When someone is seriously injured in a pedestrian accident and a negligent or careless driver is to blame, the victim may be able to seek compensation for the harms caused. Please remember that our attorneys handle cases throughout Illinois, and have represented a number of clients in and around Rockford. If you have a question about a potential case in Rockford, we are happy to evaluate your case and discuss all of your options over the phone with you in a free and confidential consultation. Please call or email us at your convenience.

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