Senator Discusses Potential Cell Phone Ban for Illinois’ Drivers

This week, an Illinois auto accident lawyer of ours saw on that although there is a mandatory seatbelt law that has recently gone into place, Illinois does not plan on putting a full ban on cell phone use in the near future. Banning cell phone use would also include banning hands-free technology, and some agree that this ban could help to reduce the amount of distracted drivers on the road. One Senate President believes that this cell-phone ban is inevitable, even though Illinois lawmakers are not ready to commit to a full ban.

Currently, there is an Illinois texting ban, as well as restrictions on talking on the phone when in a school zone or construction zone. Not only would a ban on all cell phone use be difficult to enforce, but there is also not enough political support to push this ban to create a statewide law.

While reading this article, our Chicago accident lawyers thought that going over the risks that distracted driving poses could be beneficial and serve as an argument in support of a full-out ban on cell phone use while driving in Illinois. As we have said before, there are three main types of distractions. They include manual distraction, which is when the driver does not have their hands on the wheel, visual distraction, which is when the driver is not looking at the road, and finally cognitive distraction, which is when the driver is not focused and paying attention to the road. Cell phone use leaves drivers cognitively distracted and texting combines all three types of distractions. According to, “You’re 23x more likely to crash if you text while driving.” This being said, cell phone use is a huge distraction on the road and we need to reduce it at all costs.

Cell phone use is not the only distraction that could affect a driver; eating, using a GPS or reading a map, watching a video or looking at a picture, changing the music, grooming, and even socializing with passengers are all distractions. To prevent serious accidents, drivers should avoid all distractions in order to stay alert and aware of what is going on in the road surrounding them.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys hope that eventually, distracted driving will no longer be an issue and people will refrain from all distractions. We also encourage police to enforce laws such as the texting while driving ban, as well as the limit of passengers per car depending on the age of the driver and passengers. Bans and acts such as these help to continue to decrease the amount of distraction related accidents and raise people’s awareness surrounding the dangers of distracted driving. Please remember that sending that one text message that seems like it can’t wait can not only put yourself at risk, but also everyone else who is on the road.

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