Single Vehicle Accident Kills Illinois Woman in Avondale

An Illinois woman was killed in a single car accident when the car she was driving drove off of the road and struck a pole and then a tree. The accident occurred on Monday near the intersection of Montrose and Elston in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago. According to DNA Info, the victim was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead a little over thirty minutes after the car accident occurred. The car involved in the accident was a van and according to authorities, no one else was traveling in the van when the victim got into the fatal Chicago car accident. At this time it is unclear what happened that led to the accident.

According to a study conducted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 70 percent of all fatal accidents that involve only a single vehicle involves the car running off of the road. The above story is an example of this type of car accident, since the car went off the road and struck a pole and a tree. The study was aimed at determining what factors were most prevalent in single vehicle accidents in which the car ran off the road. The study showed that certain road conditions, environmental conditions and driver conditions were very prevalent in these types of crashes. Roads that had numerous curves, were less developed, had high speed limits and had less lanes were the most common types of locations for single vehicle off-the-road accidents. As for environmental factors, adverse weather and nighttime driving were the most common factors in these types of accidents. With respect to driver characteristics, single vehicle crashes where the car runs off of the road occurred most when the car had a high occupancy and among younger male drivers. Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drivers who were fatigued and drivers who are speeding were also among the most likely to be involved in fatal single vehicle accidents where the car ran off of the roadway. Many car accidents of this type do not have these factors come into play and can occur for a variety of reasons, however these factors were prevalent in many of these types of single vehicle accidents.

If you or your loved one were injured in a Chicago car accident, please contact our Chicago car accident lawyers immediately to discuss what legal options and legal remedies may be available to you and your family. It is important to talk to a lawyer right away if you feel like you may have legal options because there is a time limit on how long after a car accident a person may take legal action against those responsible.

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