Snowy Weather Leads to Chain-Reaction Accident in Chicago

A chain reaction car accident occurred in Chicago today, which was initially caused by the snow fall earlier this morning. Very early this morning an intoxicated driver lost control on the snowy roads and hit a median on the highway, and then a truck struck the car after it hit the median. According to Chicago Breaking News, another truck trying to avoid the accident was struck by another truck traveling behind it and jack-knifed across all the lanes of traffic. The highway had to be closed for several hours to deal with this horrible mess of cars. To read more about this Chicago accident, please click on this link.

While the city of Chicago does try to prepare for the weather and reduce car accidents by clearing the snow as soon as possible, drivers need to be cautious because all roads usually cannot be cleared in time for the morning commute. Drivers need to be aware of the weather and drive slower and more cautiously given the harsh conditions. If the roads have a lot of traffic make sure not to follow others cars too closely as it is much harder to stop quickly in icy road conditions. Also keep in mind that right when snow (or rain) begins to fall is when the roads may be the most dangerous because the roads are just becoming slick.

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