Speed-Related Accident Fatalities Continue to Increase

Last week, Consumer Reports posted an article online that reported on how cities are failing to reduce speeding-related deaths. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association says that, “Speeding-related traffic fatalities have not been reduced in almost three decades.” Speeding, as we have mentioned before, is a factor in close to 33% of all traffic-related fatalities every year. Even though cities and state legislatures have made a conscious effort to enforce seatbelt use and reduce the amount of intoxicated drivers on the road, speed still remains a huge issue. Little has been done to reduce speeding, even though studies have proved that the higher the speed limits, the higher the incidence of traffic related deaths.

An Illinois auto accident lawyer of ours pointed out that in order to see a significant reduction in the number of speed-related deaths; states need to be more aggressive in enforcing speed limits. In addition to more patrols, automated speed enforcement, at red lights could also be helpful in discouraging drivers from speeding. Another Chicago car accident attorney of ours also wants to point out that driving 10 miles per hour slower can decrease the amount of gas you use. Not only will obeying speed limits help to prevent speeding-related car accidents and fatalities, but it could also help motorists save money on gas. Getting this message out might reduce the number of speeders because people are more likely to change their actions if it affects their wallet.

Some people argue that roads have never been safer and that the majority of traffic-related fatalities have declined so they don’t think that investing time and money into speed reduction is a top priority. However, our team has seen firsthand the devastation that occurs when someone loses a loved one in a speed-related accident and we believe that states should always look for ways to change the infrastructure and enforcement to reduce speeding.

In past blog posts, our Chicago accident lawyers have supported new placements of automated speed enforcement in Chicago and education programs that discourage aggressive driving and speeding. We also encourage stricter enforcement of speed limits and regulations. Hopefully, through education and new state policies, we can decrease the amount of speed related fatalities, which would also decrease the annual total of traffic-related fatalities as well. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident where a negligent driver was speeding or participating in other aggressive behaviors, please contact us to discuss your potential lawsuit and potential compensation.

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